Research and sale

| Written by CodeAsm

I have been thinking about what to sell and what to keep.
Most inportantly, for what kinds of projects do I have the time next to family, skool and main projects?

I do think I have to much playstations and I think I can sell at least 1 xbox one. Have a lot of controllers and some other stuff arround for sale. So you may see some of them online in my dump store.

The money Ill collect will mainly be used to buy a good soldering station, a logic analyzer and/or benchtop powersupply.

For my skool project for Embeded2 I do have now a LPC board, LCD screen and LiPo accu, so its now about soldering, finding a good 3.3 to 7 volt source and program my watch. As I have seen my classmates selling and buying a lott of nice stuff, I think I can get most of theyre stuff cheaper and sell asswell.

Anyway, you, the reader, is maybe not so intrested in this talk ive done, or you want to hear more about other stuff. actualy, I have no idea who reads this. so a way of communicating here will be made soon after I release the first products in the dumpstore. expect it to be here in the next 7 days.