Storeupdate and Xbox Fun

| Written by CodeAsm

Dumping the contents of 7 xbox's to my HDD as a backup. Available soon. (Image unrelated actually.)

Im going to change the name of the dump to "KernelPaniQ's Store"

New items added like a few broken game controlers for the Playstation, 3 Playstation's and a broken Super NES or SNES. Also I like to inform some of you: 4 new blank PIC18F4550 for sale. Limited time offer, just 5 euro each.

Soon I catogorise 52 Broken or partly broken gamecontrolers and start price will be 3 euro each.
GC,SNES,PS/PS2 and N64.

Also Ive tested a few Xbox controlers, lot of them have caibration errors or digital sticks stuck at a value. Ill start selling those after tests for about 4 euro. They are USB controlers, drivers everywhere and internal USB Hub, so you can read/write Xbox memory cards. Controlers that work will be €5 but no breakaway. If you want a breakaway I need to find a suplier.

See you next time, I will have download goodies for the xbox and selling more products like a LCD screen(broken?) a dev board from Sony(unkown product) and a few discrete components.