Today OP was a ....

| Written by CodeAsm

leet chan, a website made by a friend from skool is running for some time now and I wanted to tell you that it is there for you to rage, lurk and ddos whatever.

Maybe I should add somekind of comment system? Ive tried wordpress, but thats a bitch.
I am totaly into the dark about what these 40% of real people are reading, are you liking it ? Acording to the stats, alott of asian visitors for a page about Korean SNSD...

All dead megauploud links. Maybe ill change that page to. because well, I like Japan, china and korean music, culture and products. so maybe a new article about the nicest things like fake gameconsoles and cheap ledlamps.

Small post this time, ill be back, in the mean time please gamers, visit for rare, unreleased game software/hardware and its developers and or fanboys. (im CodeAsm over there).

Random picture:

An Intel VC820 Motherboard, still looking for a NVIDIA GeForce 3 Ti500 and a Pentium III 733 Mhz for this oldy.