Again, new website soon

Last Updated on 02 April 2017 | Written by CodeAsm

Technological progress demands humans that can work with it.
I find updating my site by use of a CMS very convoluted for just adding some text or info. maybe Ill regret it, but this is my personal website anyway.
Gonna drop the cms and go full html maybe :D (more website updates because I can keep track of stuff.)

Or some basic system, atleast we need progress :D
This site is on and ill try to keep most pages stay somehow (more static) and so google results should stay working... Im still thinking about the how.
A wiki is maybe too much aswell, so something like what sprite_tm has or the Thomas Scherrer Z80-Family Official Support Page. ;) very basic, informational and time resistant. (and you can visit them from most browsers)

Also, joomla so old... updating the tricky thing, I havent been hacked but I dont like those risks at all. (maybe some better comment system aswell ;) one that doesnt require me to add weird inline codes and users to have a facebook account. someone suggested Wordpress.... yeah... like that doesnt need updates? )


Also, I uploaded a soundless video of Xqemu on my Linux laptop, unedited, so thats the speed I get ;)
(games still break or slow, no audio)