A new xbox and Math failing

Last Updated on 31 March 2011 | Written by CodeAsm

Xbox1Last night I received a package from England. It contained a Black Xbox one console and an AV cable. Litle bit dirty and a few pieces of plastic broken on the underside of the xbox, and a jamming DVD tray. Sold as "Microsoft Xbox (8 GB) Black Video Game Console FAULTY

This for a FAULTY black xbox video game console

The console was working up till about 6 months ago but suddenly stopped it will power up but the disc tray will not open

I would say that this is simple fault and could be easily fixed by someone who knows what they are doing

I just do not have the time to start messing with it"

Read more about me and failing math.

Yea, Thats right.


I failed at math today, I did my very best to do it correctly, but apparently {x>4},{x<-4} is NOT the same as (4

Well, It is indeed wrong, but you see 3 errors. one Math question requiered it to be a collection {} not just (). and forgetting a is not simply a fix a teacher will make for me... replacing ( for { is ok.

Donno what Im talking about? ill try to learn Math C1 and C2 in the following weeks, hopefully getting 7s or higher (minimal is 7.. 6 is FAIL..) and I got a 5...

So, talking here about my xbox is to temporarely forget my flaw in math.

Was 5 Euro's and some extra for shipping. It did turned on and yea, the disk tray will not open. I quickly tried all kinds of non destructive ways to force it open, but internally it seem to be stuck. the Fix was to open the Xbox (bye bye Virginity) and open the dvd drive asswell. Allot of dust and plastic comming out. Finaly I got the dvd fixed, a complete displacement of a piece of plastic and a jammed gear.

Plans? Going to softmod it maybe, its a Xbox V1.6 according to this guide : http://www.xboxscene.com/versions_1.php

Put Debug on it and maybe give it to my sister. or one of my other Xbox 1's.

Anyway, what I also discovered was that alott of info and pictures on the internet is disapearing. the archive.org dont hold all the nice things, so Its my mission to complete as much as information I can find and find usefull about:

  • Xbox 1
  • Playstation 1
  • N8vem SBC

This list may change over time, but I find those very interesting and unfortunately not much technical info is easily to find.

FIRST MISSION: WHAT CHIP IS THIS? The one with the serial port and smallest cable.

[UPDATE] Found out this "SMSC" http://www.smsc.com/
And according to X-S it is MAYBE, not sure a LPC47B377  URL


Another image: this time on the right.