Week 7 in china

Last Updated on 07 April 2013 | Written by CodeAsm

Its been a while and lot have happened. See pictures for some things I did. I met new people and learned some basic Chinese, a long road ahead but we are getting there..

Actually the images are a bit bigger, please use right click and view image for full resolution (they are a bit scaled down but still large enough for some details)

This is the west gate of the Xiamen University, here are also a bookstore, Turkish restaurant and some nice shops where Ive been. actually I go here once a week at least.

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Day 1-7 - Internet and its awesome websites

Last Updated on 24 March 2013 | Written by CodeAsm

Finaly after using some weird functions I got Internet yesterday on my room at the Xiamen Software park. please press readmore to view more pictures and more about the first few weeks.


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Day 0 - Prep and flight

| Written by CodeAsm

Today is a great day for the kingdom of Nico,

Because I will move today toward China :D. Packing all clothes and electronics I really want to have when im there and even packed some clothes to trow away on my way back.

Anyway, this is a small post before my flight, I ofcourse will post alott more and more pictures when im there, but for now youll have to do it with this.

I will miss my Girlfriend, parents and sister, but especialy my GF, she will hopefully arrive in time to say goodbye.

Not to forget:

Large Towel,
Important papers
medical stuff
Picture of GF
Books to read (in my case, Chinese and Chinese Culture book)
Update Blog justBeforeFlight :D

Here are some details:

Date Flight Departing Arriving Date
16:30 AMS XMN 10:50

and I hope you will comment some, so I can actualy see someone intrested into my trip LOL :P


Iiyama Pro Lite E485S FIX

Last Updated on 28 January 2013 | Written by CodeAsm

It was a busy weekend, and I did not have lots of time for everytyhing I wanted to do.

But I was pretty pleased with the fact that I could find some time and all the tools needed to fix my Iiyama E485S LCD screen.

This was the problem, like more people I had this screen laying arround wich gave a Greenish screen when turn on and that isnt going away.

Only if you say to a Debug/Service menu to use "special" values it is maybe in the correct colors again. But once power lost, so is the green screen back.

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N8VEM Single board computer

Last Updated on 28 January 2013 | Written by CodeAsm


The N8VEM Single Board Computer (SBC) is a home brew Z80 small computer project. It is made in the style of vintage computers of the mid to late 1970's and early 1980's using a mix of classic and modern technologies.

It is intended to be my teaching in principles of electronic computer design. The N8VEM SBC and related peripherals would be ideal as a school project or could be used to teach basic computer hardware and software principles. i enjoyed already building it and as you can read, im writing bits of pieces about it already.

More information about it can be found here http://n8vem-sbc.pbworks.com

My version runs a bit of custom version of cp-m and Im building a vga controler based on the 16F4550 chip.


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