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Just wanted to say this

and something about ...

lets trow some websites here and if your able to contact me in a normal way, feel free.

I mean, I am thinking about voting, 12 September 2012. Dutch elections.. you know, I have to make up my mind :D So here are my sources and ideas... not all of them are any good or something, I maybe hate some of them them :P But thats just me. Lets see some awesomeness aswell:

So, you like this? no, its not my bookmarks. because thats full of 4chan and hackaday multiplied with a bit of geocities... wait,... they are dead... :( ...

See you next time, and maybe ill enable comments sometiem.
Dont be a zombie :P


Xbox DVT4 and Chihiro projects

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Small update on what I do,

Ive been researching some stuff on the Xbox Development systems.
I found multiple versions of a controller chip inside the Xbox and we "the internet" already knew the Chihiro (An Xbox based Sega Arcade system using a GDrom drive as medium) is using a chip of the DVT3 board. Now is it posible to run it on my DVT4? and maybe later on a Retaill xbox?

Also, can we improve or enable the CXBX emulator to run Chihiro games ?

here are some pictures and links. Just to keep my blog a bit fresh :D

Chihiro board as see here ^^

Someone asked a few questions about the chihiro e

My own thread to answer and reply, go here if you want to react on this topic!&p=604643#post604643

Detailed images of a chihiro, I has local copy


CPP and final project

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Final school weeks, projects coming to a end an new summer vacation ideas are here.

First of all, I recieved my electronic parts from

also I recieved some free parts from NXP our dutch chip fab please take a look:

so, anyway, most of the parts are finaly here for my last "mini embeded project" for school.
Thanks to Limor I was able to program my tft screen. I dint knew before that there was more example code availeble, but finding the same control chip made it easier:

Got the part from goodluckbuy:

It has no sdcard function and at ebay they sell them for the same price with... but not at the time I got him.

Please check Lady Ada (Limor) her website for more code examples, ill post mine soon with the game, watch schematics. im building an portable watch/gameconsole.

also I like to tell you that im learning more C++ right now, because of school wants it.
So Im planning to program some demo and intro's for the PSX, more about this in a few days.

Have a nice day,

CodeAsm and Cebit

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I have a new domain name, for easier spreading and more to my interests.
A rework on the the website is maybe on the way, but like always, I just mess arround so priority one is to blog about what I do. Tommorow is Cebit time :D

For more information go to the website and watc my blog, ill try to make some updates as I also want to make a report for a Busninespoint for skool.

Another news update, Im getting very excitted now about going to Valncia Spain. Wait what you ask? Hogeschool van Amsterdam is going to Valencia with 15 students fromĀ  skool to build robots and program them. Ill make a new update about that when I have more info.

new email adress is on the way: will be its domain. also, the store is kinda open, so im gonna add new products soon.

Side note, you can still find me on and


Today OP was a ....

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leet chan, a website made by a friend from skool is running for some time now and I wanted to tell you that it is there for you to rage, lurk and ddos whatever.

Maybe I should add somekind of comment system? Ive tried wordpress, but thats a bitch.
I am totaly into the dark about what these 40% of real people are reading, are you liking it ? Acording to the stats, alott of asian visitors for a page about Korean SNSD...

All dead megauploud links. Maybe ill change that page to. because well, I like Japan, china and korean music, culture and products. so maybe a new article about the nicest things like fake gameconsoles and cheap ledlamps.

Small post this time, ill be back, in the mean time please gamers, visit for rare, unreleased game software/hardware and its developers and or fanboys. (im CodeAsm over there).

Random picture:

An Intel VC820 Motherboard, still looking for a NVIDIA GeForce 3 Ti500 and a Pentium III 733 Mhz for this oldy.


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