LPC1114 and Arduinos are in ! AcerApsire one D255 Naked !

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I had to wait for 4 weeks, 2 weeks till "shiped" and 2 weeks for them to be delivered. My arduino Mini and Arduino Mega from Dealextreme came in and I needed to test one Plox :D

I never had a change of testing my LEDmatrix so I directly started mapping the pinout and getting the source from Darkbit (originaly from Xander).

And it works :P The first thing I thought about writing to it was that of my hearth. so, anyway I also got a Serial adapter with it and recieved my LPC1114 DevBoard from CHina (Ebay) some pictures after the break. Also I Posted some pictures of my net book naked :P lol. Have fun.

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Books and C programming

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Pff, Early in the morning to get up and listen to a guy talking about UML.
I really wanted to get more sleep, but now  also know that I need all the lessons and books they talk about. The information itself is interesting, the way some people can teach is a different story, and you may know what I mean by experience or my first sentence on top here.

Anyway, I am very exited about to learn a new programming language, I dont have much "love" with Java. I like Php, took a long look at C# and even learned quite a bit of it at the MBO Applicatiebeheer course. Anyway, Day0 of my Dirty Diary can be found here, witch includes a C start project for Visual Studio 2010. Maybe Ill learn soon how to make real templates.

Anyway, I needed to buy some books for skool and you see that I tried to get them a bit cheaper and still new. Bol.com is a cool website for the dutch readers, go check that Sh17

Here are the books  I needed for skool so far:

Data structures and algorithms in java
ISBN13                 9780470398807

De Programmeertaal C, 4/E
ISBN13                 9789043016698

Object-Oriented Analysis And Design : Understanding System Development With Uml
ISBN13                 9780470092408

So far I wasnt able to read any of those, I have to wait a few days for them to arrive.
Another good dutch computer book store with you can visit in Amsterdam and by Internet is www.comcol.nl , so if you happend to be in the city, go ahead to "Care" and dont forget their website for the address. (the little store precisely against care closed, go the the storage, a few meters away. around the corner).

Have a nice day,



Skools back in town !

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11 hours left and then I am officialy am a "Student mentor" of some class in my skool of HvA.
Last week I got to do my last Mathexam thing and I got a 60% right, with is not good. After a litle review of my teacher I got 10% extra, for I do understand the basics but have incorectly informed the java app of what I mean with + is not right, it should be -.

Anyway, I filled my Propedeuse form and hopefully get it soon :P
Today was waiting time, so I did a bit of surfing and came across many lovely and awesome projects I maybe can use. maybe more soon, check it out :

A sort of C#, type-safe OS from Microsoft, Completly FREE.
"Singularity is an experimental operating system being built by Microsoft Research since 2003. It is intended as a highly-dependable OS in which the kernel, device drivers, and applications are all written in managed code."


PC, Comadore, MSX and more Universal Interface cards
I happen to found what a random card for my msx is, its a Uniface card. The control card. Now take a look at the url, its somewhat dutch and english, but its pretty awesome. Maybe I want it for my N8vem SBC aswell. Anyway, its a IO card with makes an universal pinout and protocol.


are awesome,
I ordered a few. Just go there and BUY. I Love them. ... the shirts and zipup hoodies :P


Nyan cat for the NES
What more can I say? Its the famous Nyan cat for the Nintendo Entertaiment System.

I hope to see you guys soon again, and btw, Im thinking of adding a forum or comment system. I get alott of emails about it and nobody is able to respond here. Im outa here.




Zakynthos - Greece

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Jammas !

Right, its not like hello but more like the dutch"proost". Its the only greek I know so far. anyhow here we go with the pictures. Im not in to much talking in 26 degrees at night. its 22:56 now.

Wait what ? no pictures? Well, press on the readmore, Id like to keep the frontpage clean.

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They forgot we worked hard

Last Updated on 15 June 2011 | Written by CodeAsm

Like many schools, sometimes teachers forget that when you work in a team and some of the team members speaks and nobody else really say anything, its a wrong assumption that they dint do anything or know nothing.

But before I tell to much before I give skool a change of defence ill tell you that during the project GetConnected I needed to add 2 new IO expanders and theyre adress space apeared diferent. Ofcourse I coald have know that, but when you have 2 hours remaining, its a short time for datasheet searching.
but in the end I did looked at it and spottet that a PCF8574N and PCF8574AN just difrenses in adress 00100xxx and 00111xxx where xxx is the adress you set on the adress lines.

For anyone intrested, ive added the complete Arduino code after the break. Next time ill upload our full java code. To fully explain the code ill later make a document explaining the whole workings.

Ow and its a bit dirty, we did understand it could have been done more "cleaner". sorry for that.


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