Blog update

Last Updated on 21 August 2015 | Written by CodeAsm

Well thats odd, ive not been updating my blog for a while but I do have lots and lots of ideas for "great" blog posts, video blogs and wishes to change my website "again".

So instead of working behint the scene with code and never showing anything, instead of month of silence, im gonna use my blog as a note book.

Started a year back or so I began using a paper book for notes, mainly because I lose focus or just have to get rid of ideas that roam my mind.

So ill give this joomla cms system a change again, hope it wont fail me. And you will see some more updates in the couple of days :D

BIG important other news, im married :D (jeej) and also I do my Thesis on OCR for a company in Amsterdam.

FEw things I currently work on and hope to make some updates on are: