LPC1114 and Arduinos are in ! AcerApsire one D255 Naked !

| Written by CodeAsm

I had to wait for 4 weeks, 2 weeks till "shiped" and 2 weeks for them to be delivered. My arduino Mini and Arduino Mega from Dealextreme came in and I needed to test one Plox :D

I never had a change of testing my LEDmatrix so I directly started mapping the pinout and getting the source from Darkbit (originaly from Xander).

And it works :P The first thing I thought about writing to it was that of my hearth. so, anyway I also got a Serial adapter with it and recieved my LPC1114 DevBoard from CHina (Ebay) some pictures after the break. Also I Posted some pictures of my net book naked :P lol. Have fun.

Well, here are more pictures:

More to come, I broke the powersupply.

Mega, Mini and USB2RS232 all from DX on the cheap

I also got the Tshirts froms Threadless I orderd, I also got some free stickers with them, Nice :D

Main motherboard, front

The Lan IC chip, wifi is on a sepparte board.

Closeup of the 1GB ram SO-dimm

I like this angle the most, you see the BGA balls and have a sense of tinyness

Thats it for now, See you later