Z80 projects

| Written by CodeAsm

Its was 1986 when my Dad bought his first Computer, the Z80 based MSX the Goldstar FC-200.
Ram 64KB Vram 16KB and a Yahama video chip. He kept it as original as possible. And I enjoyed playing games and programming in basic allot.
Now back in 2009 I decided to build a n8vem and this is also a z80 based computer. both reside on a single pcb and working nice and more.

Today I decided to show you what more I did and what I want to do,
I have tried building an Z80 emulator using some sources I found and making it to a n8vem emulator someday (Yeah, not an msx, running cp/m only)

Going to make a z80 tester based on this: http://www.z80.info/z80test0.htm because I found some cpu's lying around unknown if they work.

Anyway, here is a picture and sources are gonna be released soon to (Horrible code from me)

based on a z80 cpu, this is my first emulator and it works :P


Ive rewrite some debug output, so that will be included to the sources.
I really need to add some commenting system here.

Next image is from a Arcade game im writing a "driver" for. MAME.
Its slowing me down a bit because I cannot find lott of time to debug my pointers and new memory locations.

It seem this version is slighty different than the USA and normal EU version (its a IT version I think.) more on this soon when I get more time for Mame and much.