OPS Demo

Last Updated on 14 October 2014 | Written by CodeAsm

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As stated earlier, the demo version of the OPS software pakage cannot be downloaded anymore, but its still availeble from the Archive, a great organisation with the idea to make a backup of our digital world. https://archive.org/web/ I let it be an exercise to the reader to find the demoversion.

bla bla, need more writing.

Database of the fullversion is unprotected and the demoversion is password protected (What where you thinking?)

the password is: KJC137so
This is accuired using the Access (database is made using access) password recovery tool: http://www.pendriveapps.com/access-passview-mdb-password-recovery-tool/

when you remove the password and "install" the update, you get an incomplete full version. describtion on how to do so will maybe follow, but not required for a new full version. all songs can be added using the songtext editor.