Fixed an broken DVD drive

Last Updated on 28 January 2013 | Written by CodeAsm
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Fixed an broken DVD drive
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December 2010 I got my second Xbox 360, to Jtag it. But before I was able to Jtag it I did something wrong. You see this picture? its the xbox 360 freshly opened and unmodded. 2 minutes later there was some smoke and smell of burning pcb.

Let me tell you, It was all my own fault. But I learned allot and this story is going to end Good... well Its not over yet. read on after the break.




You can see this ? its the main pcb of the dvd drive of my working Xbox 360... Before killed it...

Lets take a look, you see all nice resistors, capacitors and a big IC... nice family isn't it?

let reconnect it to the xbox and play some games... data cable, done, power cable, done, power on, done.... wait ... what is that smell ?

SMOKE... NOOOooo... Yea switch it off... damm, what did i do wrong?

NEVER connect the power connector upside down ! or you blow out some serious parts.

Its a bit shinny here, but you can see and compare the following parts: U7, R204 and R207 are a bit changed.

Actually, R204 is now a resistor of 356 Ohm and R207 1K5 and something and... Increasing !! 1117 is kinda ok.. I dunno how to test it. He just tells me he got a headache... time for a soldering iron and replacement parts...