Xbox DVT4 and Chihiro projects

Last Updated on 28 January 2013 | Written by CodeAsm

Small update on what I do,

Ive been researching some stuff on the Xbox Development systems.
I found multiple versions of a controller chip inside the Xbox and we "the internet" already knew the Chihiro (An Xbox based Sega Arcade system using a GDrom drive as medium) is using a chip of the DVT3 board. Now is it posible to run it on my DVT4? and maybe later on a Retaill xbox?

Also, can we improve or enable the CXBX emulator to run Chihiro games ?

here are some pictures and links. Just to keep my blog a bit fresh :D

Chihiro board as see here ^^

Someone asked a few questions about the chihiro e

My own thread to answer and reply, go here if you want to react on this topic!&p=604643#post604643

Detailed images of a chihiro, I has local copy