Iiyama Pro Lite E485S FIX

Last Updated on 28 January 2013 | Written by CodeAsm

It was a busy weekend, and I did not have lots of time for everytyhing I wanted to do.

But I was pretty pleased with the fact that I could find some time and all the tools needed to fix my Iiyama E485S LCD screen.

This was the problem, like more people I had this screen laying arround wich gave a Greenish screen when turn on and that isnt going away.

Only if you say to a Debug/Service menu to use "special" values it is maybe in the correct colors again. But once power lost, so is the green screen back.


2 solutions, first is for the quick fix and maybe it will work for you:

Do exactly this:
- power off monitor with the POWER button!
- unplug power cord
- hold -/+ and keep holding them when briefly pressing POWER to get the monitor back on
- press menu

You are now in the service menu. Adjust the settings as you like.

- press EXIT
- power off monitor with button
- power on monitor with button
- AUTO SETUP... will be performed
- re-adjust brightness/contrast



If this works for you, NICE ... it worked for me, BUT, if your screen loses power after this and the green is back (or another weird incorect thing)
you might try the eprom replacement. (I think it has to do with the eprom being an A*s and dousnt write the new values anymore.)

So replace the Atmel 24c16AN with a new one. Try ebay, just like me, I got 10 for like a few cents.

here is my result and now it works :D (still some dirt, but looks good to me)
You can see I commented all the Ground pins, it so im sure they are all grounded, i was not sure if they all needed and where grounded, this way im sure of it :P the top 4 of course not, they needed precise work.