Summer projects and MSX

Last Updated on 12 August 2013 | Written by CodeAsm

Recently I recieved a pakage from Japan containing the following ic:

Yamaha V9958


This is ofcourse a Video chip belonging to the 80s MSX series. Awesome looking 64pin DIP.

I did another search on the internet and yes, I realy like to build a MSX from scratch or at least a MSX upgrade card to turn my MSX to a Msx2 or even a MSX2+.

A qoute from Wiki:

The Yamaha V9958 is a Video Display Processor (VDP) used in MSX 80s home computers. More specifically, the MSX 2+, MSX turbo R and the "TIM" upgrade to the TI-99/4A. The Yamaha V9958, also known as MSX-Video, is the successor of the Yamaha V9938. It was clearly conceived not to be a very major upgrade to its predecessor, which hampered its adoption. The main new features are three graphical YJK modes (with up to 19268 colors) and horizontal scrolling registers.


I now want to buy the following:

YM2413 (maybe more, to play with) DIP14
YM2149 aka AY-3-8920 (DIP64, so i want to use it in a socket)
Some RAM chips for Video, CPU

And of course make a PCB for this all.
I also know that I have difficulties keeping my projects simple, ill start writing a add-on Card for my existing MSX, try making some game.
And maybe start making an upgrade card in such a way that an home-brew MSX can also use it. Magic everywhere. Also I realy need to go understand Glue logic.

Hope I don't break stuff :D
and I rly have no idea, maybe I should do something with my N8vem aswell, to get "into" stuff.

Remember this? its my N8vem, it still running so now and then. I should make some more cards for it :P