Xbox iso creation

| Written by CodeAsm

When I tried backing up some OXM demo disks I found out that I got to iso parts.

this is done by the backup app I used on the xbox. So here is a bit of the official update info:

Dvd2xbox v0.7.5 = finally exact 1:1 backups
All this time messing with layout files, dumps and isos in order to get almost 1:1 backups has finally reach to its end. Today Dvd2xbox v0.7.5 was released including a very interesting feature:

What's new/fixed:
* beta: added iso ripper to dvd2xbox. Please note that the raw ripping highly depends on the reading capabilities of your DVD drive. Couldn't test it due to missing softmodded box. Any reports are appreciated (

With this new feature you can get an EXACT 1:1 dump from any original you insert on your Xbox. As usual dvd2xbox´s output can be saved to the xbox´s hd, or directly to a samba share on the pc. In the first case, Dvd2Xbox will output 2 files if the disc´s size is +4gb, so you´ll have to join them back in your pc using the usual "copy /b file1+file2 finalfile".


Done :D