The AMR, Audio/Modem Riser card WM9707

| Written by CodeAsm

So I was doing some research into the Soundcard of the Xbox Alpha. Because I want to create a franken Alpha myself I need a soundcard. Well, it can work without one but thats kinda stupid and I want sound. According to some people on the Dash should work without one. Games will crash.

Me and a few other wanted to find or create such a sound card ourselves. But the resources to do so are very limited, in a way that you cant realy find documents or parts very easy. but it all changed yesterday, 14/10/2013. I contacted Intel, searched the archive and after a while Espes send me the Intel doc I was searching for ,

amr AUDIO/MODEM RISER card specs intel

Bad_Ad84 commented in the chat "

why not download the reference design from wolfson for one of the amr cards

and here we are :D I found first one for the WM9705, but this morning I used the Archive again:

AMR Xbox Alpha Soundcard Wolfson

On the whole wide web there is little to no information about the AMR slot used in many 2000 era computers, it was supposed to be kinda closed and such.

But here are the specs and some other intresting images :P original source also noted.

I hope this info and the files can help you If you stumbled on this, I try to make this sound card into something real in the next couple of month and maybe sell some boards if I have leftovers. Otherwise, make it yourself, order the main ic from somewhere like china and build it :D or source your own board. Original retail price, $99.

I spend $8 so far, and 6 hours searching.
I have made a backup of all the said files, so might one disappear, please contact me.

Image from borman, his Soundcard behind the Nvidea video card: