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Welcome to the Microsoft Hidden 2001 Server. We are proud to pressent to you a view back in the release days of the original and only truly Xbox. Feel free to look arround and enjoy the freebies. for comments or suggestions: Email, Message or Tweet the owner of this website. CodeAsm

To see some images of an DVT4 click here
To get some XBox files, click here:

Check here for my Xbox Dashboard and Kernel version research.
Its still incomplete and a work in progress and I still need to rewrite parts and do a full spellcheck. But it might already be helpfull and informative :D.

Updated links 2017

Barnabas-2084(1.00.4400.1) (21-07-2003) [Source]!h9Zn3bTB!opJ2I8Y0gorIMgh6bbCLtg

KEYSIGN appeared on a XBMC developers forum, and has similiar but less kernel files, it does however have parts of the Dashboard.!FFQh3bYT!NzBSTveHddAvFnbFmqPBnfwODxAwf2JB-S8hivxnIl8
In case this site has again broken links, email me or better yet, Tweet me: for less change of getting in my spam folder


I will uploud some files and tips on how to run Xqemu under Linux, also might be helpfull for windows users. Expect this during the Website updates mid-2017. Meanwhile you should be able to either visit Assemblergames (if they fix the server) or join this random Xbox discord channel: (im CodeAsm over there)

Sorry, this site needs cleanup again. will do in mid-2017
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