Back in 2002 I got my very first and own gaming console, and it was the original Xbox.This sparked both a true gaming experience aswell as an intrest in how this machine works and how games are made in general.

To document my discoveries and finds, please look arround. Id also like to share things others may have found or made and link to those.Some files or information might have a different copyright then the website or documents ive made and shared. Keep those in mind.

Xbox library and Kernel version data

After discovering how xbox libraries work, I found the Kernel and Dashboard version mentioned inside the original Microsoft dashboard, correspond to the Libraries compiled inside these xbe files and kernel (in the bios). Any, check it out here:

Might need to add, the kernel from the bios can be patched/upgraded by the running software (by means of the kernel library) hence, updating the main dash, might bumb the kernel number, without flashing the rom.

Resources and Thanks